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Ohio BCI and/or FBI Livescan Fingerprinting: FastFingerprints, a National Background Check, Inc.. It’s anticipated that, over time, the expiration of licenses and background checks will align, but in most cases where they are not aligned, it’s still the educator’s responsibility to meet the five year background check requirement in law, regardless of if the educator’s license is in fact due to expire.

It is the responsibility of teachers holding ODE licenses, certificates or licenses, as well as their employers, to make sure that the law is followed with respect to obtaining required updated background background check checks within the five year timeframe prescribed by lawenforcement, even if the expiration of a background check does not always coincide with the expiration of the permit.

If an individual lives outside Ohio at any time during the five years after obtaining a BCI test, then both background checks will have to be upgraded. This service can be utilized for in state and out-of-state individuals that are required to have a background check for Ohio legislated purposes or an Ohio employment requirement. Background screening could be conducted in Poland on the grounds of written approval of the individual.

You may wish to first consult your neighborhood school district, then nearby school districts or your own area’s Educational Service Center, to see whether they can process electronic fingerprints for submission to BCI, and what the cost is. Many individuals are required to acquire a Livescan fingerprint based background check for employment or licensing within the state of Florida. ODE is required to use the desktop checks sent and reported electronically by BCI. Outcomes may take longer as BCI processing time changes and/or if a record is found during the course of the criminal history check.

ODE requests that both background tests (BCI and FBI) be performed electronically through WebCheck therefore that the fingerprints will be sent instantly to BCI. This applies to all individuals holding a country of Ohio educator license, certification or permit, including a non-tax certification (no expiration date), a permanent certificate (no expiry date) and an eight-year professional certificate.

Ohio law requires that all individuals have to have a score BCI and FBI criminal history check at the time that they apply for their initial Ohio educator license, certificate or permit, and those BCI and FBI background checks must be no older than one year (365 days) in the time they’re employed for initial licensure.

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